Sitter för tillfället och funderar ganska mycket på e ny tatuering. Men det är ju så svårt att bestämma sig. Här är i alla fall några fina/häftiga/tänkbara som är bokrelaterade.

Flying books. Pin if you like it! :) #books #tattoo #tattoodesignPin if you like it :) #books #tattoo

"I've lived a thousand lives" books tattoo. I love the idea :)

I wanted an owl perched on books. But now I'm thinking I might try a different approach. With a few stacked books or one opened with "I've lived a thousand lives" with bird silhouettes maybe.

3 books, one for my husband, son & I in our favorite colors. The letters are filling up our books as our stories are being written... :)

Book lover...wonder if I could get Melinda Witzel to commit...

Peter Pan | 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books From Childhood ---- NOT TO MENTION a FABULOUS list of books that I need to read again/track down a copyIf I was every going to get one, maybe this would be it. (From "50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books From Childhood")

I love the idea behind this. I myself want several tattoos that involve things in books I have read. My first one is a quote from a book series I love.I like the idea of the whole scene coming out of the pages of a book

different wording..."choose your own ending"  ** I like the book, but needs new wording.

I really love this, with the flowers and the quill. Apparently it represents Inkheat by Cornelia Funke

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